The updated and revised version of his recent book Health Begins in the Colon

The GREEN Body Cleanse
Offers Simple At-Home Solutions For:

  • Reducing and eliminating toxins from your home, workplace, and especially your body
  • Restoring your body’s natural healing powers
  • Detoxifying your air and drinking water to avoid body poisoning
  • Choosing and maintaining a healthful organic diet and lifestyle
  • Preventing disease without harmful drugs and surgery
  • The true Secret to Health and why this knowledge has been supressed
  • The best organic green-living products and natural health supplements available anywhere
  • The ultimate Oxygen Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Harmful Organism Cleanse, and Chemical & Toxic Metal Cleanse methods
  • Tips for saving time, money, and the Earth’s natural resources
  • How to live a happy, rewarding, healthy, and (most importantly) a green life

The GREEN Body Cleanse gives you research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams, illustrations, facts, figures, even a little fun…and so much more!

With The GREEN Body Cleanse, You CAN find and follow the path to manifesting A Green Body, A Green Home, A Green Workplace, and A Green Life.

“ This book explains exactly what needs to be done to regain your health and to stay healthy. This truly is the magic bullet, even though it takes time – if the information is followed – will bring an individual’s health back in abundance… ”

Julie Anderson – Author of “The Heart: The Final Destination”